The dalek emperor

The Old Supreme Dalek

The Daleks Are Cyborgs From The Planet Skaro, created by the scientist, 'Davros' During The Final Years Of An A Thousand Year War With The Thals. They Are Mutated Kaleds Intergrated in a tank-like or robot-like mechanical casing. The Resulting Creatures are a Powerful Race Bent on Universal Conquest and Domination.

They Are Also The Longest Running Doctor Who Enemy, And Are One Of The Doctors Worst Foes. They Have Changed From Dull, To Dreary, Then From Colourful To Silver, Then Golden To Colourful Again! The Daleks Have Obviously got They're Weapons, They Usually Have The Exterminator To The Right Of They're Body and The Manipulator Arm To The Left.

However, Some Other Dalek Weapons Include The Seismic Detector, Used To Find the T.A.R.D.I.S, The Flame Thrower, Electrode Unit, To Control Electric Currents, Claw-Arm, Used To Cut Open Doors, The Sensor Arm, Used For Daleks Guarding The Supreme Emperor, The Syringe, To Insert One Something In Dalek Secs Casing and Last But Not Least, The Dalek Claw, For Operating Machinery.

They Also Have Tags To Tell Which Dalek They Are, What Type, And If They're Special