The Doctor 2

The Doctor In 'The Impossible Astronaut'

The Doctor Is The Main Charcater Of The BBC 1 Show, Doctor Who. The Doctor Can Regenerate His Body When Close To Death, This Has Allowed The Doctor To Be Portrayed By Eleven People, Including Tom Baker, John Pertwee, David Tennant And Matt Smith (See Picture

The Doctor Has A Blue Time Machine Called The T.A.R.D.I.S, Which Stands For Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, This Is His Meens Of Travel To Investigate Distant Lands And Fierce Foes With One Companion Or More.

Oh, And Did I Menchan That He Is A Crazy Alien Time Lord From The Planet Gallifrey That Got Destroyed In The Time War! The Doctor Is Aged 991 And Likes Jelly Babies, Bow Ties, Jammy Dodgers, And Stetzons, Stetzons Are Cool. His Darkest Fears And Foes Are The Master, The Daleks, The Cybermen, Sontarans And The New Series 6 Monster, The Silence.

He Carries A Tool That He Likes To Call 'The Sonic Screwdriver', This Allows Him To Unlock Doors (Not Including Wooden Ones), Fix Broken Items Or Ornimentary, And Even Programme Cybemen To Move Away From Him. He Also Has Another Handy Tool He Likes To Call 'Phsycic Paper', He Can Then Think Of What He Wants To Say On It And Show It To Any Security Guard, Police Man, Or A Genuine Person.

He Usually Wears A Smart Jacket, Polo Shirt, A Tie Or Bow Tie And Sometimes A Stetzon. His Way of Appereance Changes Slightly On Every Actor. His T.A.R.D.I.S Has Changes Now And Again Aswell, Like The St. Johns Ambulance Sign He Has On It Now.