An Mysterious Species of revulting creatures with three nostrils and bloody eyes. They Long To take over the world and have controlled Cracks in time and have invaded countries and states without even getting spotted, at least... not for long, The creatures have been spotted in the famous painting, 'The Scream'.


Silence Behind The Utah Desert At Nightime

One Of The Most Horrible things about them is they're horrifiying mouth that opens wide in excitement when eliminating, crushing and destroying anything in its path

But the most shocking fact is, although they are revulting, and scary, no one can actually remember they're horrifying faces. Because when you turn you're backs on them, you forget everything to do with them.

They Have A Humanoid Like Figure And Face. They Have No Facial Hair, Like Some Of Us, Just Creepy, Wrinkly, Old, Bumpy Skin.

You Can See They're fleshy vains upon they're big bald head, You can see they're horrible skull bulging out of they're big, brainy faces.

They were destroyed by the doctor when Canron Everret Delaware The Third Caught The Silence Telling Them To 'Kill Them On Sight' This Was Then Sent Onto Live Television on the Most Important Event In Astronomical History, The Launching Of Apollo, Mission To The Moon!

Written By: Alex165 (Who~World) Last Edited By: Alex165 (Who~World)